This is the title sequence to "Animal Mega Moves" (aka "Giant Animal Moves"), which was shown on National Geographic Wild UK throughout January 2011.

Short intro video from the CBeebies series "Alphablocks" from 2010, where I worked as a junior lighter/compositor.

Alphablocks from Blue Zoo on Vimeo.

This showreel is of my work as a 3d artist at Fluid Pictures from August 2008-August 2009 creating graphics for TV. Programs shown here are: Monster Moves series 4, Big, Bigger, Biggest series 2 (both aired on Channel 5) and Atlantic Convoys: The War At Sea (aired on Channel 4)


Old showreel from 2007
These are my projects whilst studying at the NCCA in Bournemouth, 2006-2007.

Pasture Time - September 2007
For my 3rd and 4th term project at the NCCA. A short animation about a horse who has his peace shattered by a girl who wants him to jump over a fence for her.

Dreamcatching - March 2007
Group project for my 2nd term at the NCCA. A short animation about a doll who comes to life at night.